Wanna Play ALL DAY!

Molly: Wanna PLAY PLAY PLAY!

Mair: We’ve got WORK to do.


Mair: I hear you but we have work to do.

Molly: You’re not listening to me! I wanna PLAY!

Mair: I AM listening, but...

Molly: You’re always putting your “but” in my face! 😦

Mair (realizing this is going nowhere satisfying. Slowing down. Breath.) Molly do you want to know what you want matters?

Molly: Yes. We never get to play when I wanna play.

Mair: You want to play now, yes?

Molly: YES! At last you are hearing me!

Mair: I hear you want to play. Are you willing to hear what I want?

Molly: ….maybe….

Mair: Do you want to trust that I won’t forget what you want; that you want to play?

Molly: Yes.

Mair: OK. I hear you want to play. And I want to play, too, and I want to do some work too. Are you with me?

Molly: You want to play too, and you want to work too?

Mair: Yes, thank you for hearing me, Molly. What shall we do so we could play and work? Do you have any ideas?

Molly: Yes. Let’s play now and work later!

Mair: You want to play now and then work later?

Molly: Yes. I wanna play now. You always want to work.

Mair: How does this sound? Play now for 15 minutes? I’ll set the timer and put it where we can both see it. Then in 15 minutes we put the timer on again for 15 minutes of work., ok?

Molly: OK. I’m tired of talking….I wanna play now….

So we play. And the conversation continues between Adult Mair and Inner Child Molly. Sometimes we play more than we work. Sometimes we work more than we play.

The more time that we spend actually listening to each other, the more inner harmony and peace, the more ease and love there is between us.

Life is more satisfying overall.

As we listen to each other we build trust between us.

That helps to establish a quality of connection that inspires natural giving from the heart. We build trust and respect and safety between us.

We lessen the distrust and unease that we have lived with for so long.

Thanks for reading here!

See you tomorrow?



When I don’t know the answer…

I am practicing asking for help.

When I think I really need it.

When I just want it.

When I don’t want it at all.

It’s a kind of surrender.

Letting go of trying to be in control.

Sometimes I just feel scared, lonely, alone…

Sometimes asking for help seems like the hardest thing to do.

And also I know how much I love to help others.

I can ask for help and give them the gift of helping me.


Thanks for reading me.

See you tomorrow?

“Wait” doesn’t mean “No”

Not only does “wait” NOT mean “No”; “Pause” doesn’t mean “Stop”.  

When I hear those two words, “Wait” and “Pause” something in me hears “No Never” and “Stop Forever”.

I’m so happy to look at my own reactions and to figure out how I can receive the messages differently.

Looking for more ease and joy in my life…

I imagine that this awareness can help a lot with more ease and joy for me.

How about you?

Thanks for reading me!

See you tomorrow?

A Funny Day or a Fun Day?

Well, I started out this morning thinking that this day was really funny – as in “ODD” not as in “FUN”.

I mis-placed my glasses.

I was using them to read.

Then, I could not find them anywhere.

No surface, drawer, or other place I could possibly think of or remember.

I retraced all my steps.


At some point, I just stopped looking.

Just about now I found them… in my back pants pocket.

The pants that I had been wearing all day.

Guess I don’t stand around with my hands in my pockets.

Or I would have found them then.

Nor do I “sit back” when I do sit down.

Or they would have been broken.

I could really use this to “teach myself a lesson” about how I “sabotage myself”.

I could also just say what I most like to say: There I go; proving I’m human again.  🙂

How about you?

What do you tell yourself when you do something that “loses time” for you?

I like looking at what was motivating me in the moment.

What was I focusing on?

Paying attention to?

What clues do those questions offer me?

Life is definitely more fun when pursing the latter line of questioning!

Do you agree?

Thanks for reading me.

See you tomorrow?

Feeling WILD!

Actually this is yesterday’s illustration of Molly.

Yesterday Molly felt WILD.

Took Adult Mair til this morning to figure out what was going on.

Mair didn’t post what Molly wanted to say yesterday.

That’s where the wildness originates.

Within me.

Not listening to Molly.

Worse: Listening and not responding!

Happen to you sometimes?

Thanks for reading….us.

See you tomorrow?


Saying YES! to this day

I’m saying YES to today.

I’ve put on my “yes-seeing” eyes.

I’ve opened my “yes-believing” heart.

I’ve expanded my “yes-thinking” mind.

I am well on my way.

My way is the way of YES!

Each moment another choice about what attitude I’ll take…and give to others.


My attitude is a gift I offer myself and others.


Is that a way of being that you like too?

Thanks for reading me.

See you tomorrow?

Ask me?

Ask me?

I’m kinda smiling.

I’m wearing hearts.

I’m holding up a sign.

These could be clues that I have something to say.

Maybe not.

How will you know if you don’t ask?

Sometimes I don’t want to say anything unless you ask me.

Then I am more confident that you really want to hear from me.

Maybe that’s true sometimes for you too?

Thanks for reading me.

See you tomorrow?

Just Being Me

Today is a simple day for me.

I’m just being me.


Asking myself as often as it occurs to me, what I want to do or say or be known for in the moment.

Speaking up for myself.

Or not.

Having a simple care-full day.

Noticing what is going on around me.

Not trying to fix or control anything.

Looking out for myself as best I can.

Smokey air due to wildfires.

I can’t do anything about the air quality.

I can take best care I can of my body.

Self care first.

I want to survive…and Thrive!

How about you?

Thanks for reading me.

See you tomorrow? 

I’m Doing the Best I Can!

I’m doing the best I can.

I want to remember that when I’m not doing things I really want to be doing.

Or think that I want to be doing.

When I’m not figuring out why I’m not doing them!

I want to cut myself some slack.

Be forgiving and understanding towards myself.

My intention is always to love and give.

Just sometimes I forget how to do that.


Something like that ever happen to you?

Thanks for reading me!

See you tomorrow?

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