Dreaming and then Doing

Mair: First I think, dream, wish, hope....and I set my intention. Molly: And THEN we have to ACT!' Mair: I've been thinking about writing to y'all, dreaming about it, wishing and hoping I'd do it. I set the intention to do it.....and.....until I actually Do It, it's less likely to happen. DUH! [Divine Universal Harmony] ... Continue Reading →

Wander or Wonder?

I woke up this morning wondering.... Am I wondering about what might happen in this day? Am I going to spend my day wandering...and then wondering what happened at the end of the day?   ...or...I could wonder now... How could I most deeply align my thinking with my hopes and dreams? How could I choose... Continue Reading →

Lifting from Drifting

SO GLAD to be back posting to y'all, really! Thing is, and Molly knows this and Mair is learning.... When Mair is eating sugar and not paying attention to her diet, she just wants more sugar. And the more sugar she eats, the more "into the sugar" experience she gets, the less likely she is... Continue Reading →

Off Track? No Blame. No Shame.

So I've been a little off track. And when I'm a little off track, and don't course correct, I veer ever farther off track. What do I mean by off track? I've got dreams, goals, plans, wishes, desires....and sometimes my actions do not align with the vision I have in my mind and heart of... Continue Reading →

I Choose to See Harmony Everywhere

Hello Hello Hello Today I choose to see harmony everywhere. Does that make me "delusional"? Does that mean I'm not "accepting reality"? I don't think so. I choose my attitude. I self-correct. I can look through what appears on the surface to be discord or conflict. I look for what is core, foundational and motivating... Continue Reading →

Listening Deeply

I don't know what it's going to take for me to realize that when I'm not listening, I can't hear! Obviously more than up-until-now! I know how to listen. I know how to hear. What seems to escape me time and again is how to remember to do it! Being still and being quiet help... Continue Reading →

Please Listen! Listen to my pleas!

Oh, I really do want to be heard. Paid attention to. Acknowledged. Counted. I want to be considered. Listened to. To matter. Inner Child trying to be heard. She asks. Pleads. Her pleas go silent? No, it's Adult Mair who has not been listening. Little Molly's pleas fall on ears that will not hear. Bitterness,... Continue Reading →

Steadfast Support

When I most need support is when I most don't ask for it. Mair has been feeling sick. Down. Not taking time for rest and self-care. The more "down-time" to rest and relax and rejuvenate, the less "feeling down" occurs. It's an inverse ratio. The challenge is remembering it when "feeling down". The more rest... Continue Reading →

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