TODAY'S THE DAY! What day, Adult Mair (AM) asks Inner Child Molly(ICM)? ICM: Day TO PLAY! I wanna make an apple pie just my size and go outside because it's sunny and play with colors and drawing and then I want to eat lunch and read my book and call my friend and then I... Continue Reading →


You ask me Why? I say Why Not?

Dearly Beloved Teacher told me that to ask the "why" of a thing is a way to deny a thing. Asking why could be a way to deny a thing.  Could be curiosity and wanting to know more about it. Could be because I can't think of anything else to say to connect with the other... Continue Reading →


Today I'm jumping up and down. I want more love in my life. Moment by moment. In order to experience that love in the moment....well, I focus on love. Think about love. Work to show more love. Attend to attention to where I am inviting love. When I am blocking love. And have tenderness... Continue Reading →

Simple Life

Simple Life. No matter what the situation, no matter what the difficulty or delight. We can only live in the moment. This is self evident. Even if we are focused on the future or remembering the past, we are living in this moment as we do that. It is in this moment that I am... Continue Reading →

Quiet Reflection

Today when I woke up I didn't get up. Today is Saturday in my world. More space today in my schedule than there is in the "work-week". Hey I'm deciding right now next week is going to be the "play-week". Maybe I do work, but it will be "play-work". That feels very satisfying to set... Continue Reading →

Joy Springs from Within

How do I access joy when I'm not "feeling it"? I know my joy is within. I know that when I don't listen I don't hear. Yep. So....when I do listen, I do hear. Simple, although not easy when I'm feeling less-than-joyful. This is when my daily routine serves me so well. I have the... Continue Reading →

Calm and Cool…wanna be…

Yes, I want to be calm and cool. I especially notice this when I am agitated and tense. Hot and bothered. Looking for relief and not finding it. I notice I'm thinking some version of Don't just stand there! DO SOMETHING; feeling a sense of urgency, combined with fear. I listen to that and decide... Continue Reading →

I can do “it”.

I can do "it"....and I decide what that "it" is! This is my birthday anniversary month. I'm choosing today where I'm looking. Am I looking behind me  at over a half century of living? That's a lot to look at and I can get stuck there! Am I looking forward into a future I'm imagining?... Continue Reading →

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