Listening and Loving – No Matter What

Sometimes I don’t feel like talking.

Sometimes I don’t feel like listening to you talk, either.

Sometimes I just want quiet and space.

And when I’m feeling that way, it’s hard to tell you….because I don’t want to talk!

I’m not expecting you to read my mind.

I don’t want you to figure it out for me.

What I’d like is for you to notice me and offer me your listening love, even when I don’t ask for it directly.

I don’t know exactly what that might look like.

I’m hoping you might know.

Maybe a smile?

A nod of the head indicating that you see me?

Maybe you’re humming to yourself?

If you ask me when I do want to talk, I might could tell you what I would like when I don’t want to talk.

Would you try that?

Maybe I will try telling you when I do want to talk…

Thanks for reading me right now when I want to write!

See you tomorrow?

I Live in the Love of Life

Life has love and beauty to behold.

Life has love and beauty to live in.

I live in the love of life.

There’s lots to pay attention to.

I choose to pay attention to that which uplifts and enfolds me with love and light.

When I don’t see it, I look for it.

When I look for it, I find it. 

How about you?

Thanks for reading me.

See you tomorrow?

I Want to be my Best Me!

I want to be my best me!

Sometimes that seems easy.

Sometimes that seems just too hard.

Sometimes I’m telling myself stories I don’t like about myself.

Sometimes I’m telling myself stories I do like about myself.

When I’m being my Best Me, I like my stories.

Uh, no…I love them!

And I love me.

When I love me, it’s easy to be my Best Me.

True for you too?

Thanks for reading me!

See you tomorrow?

Just Being Me Today!

Just being me today.

Doing the best I can.


If I could do better….I would!

I’m going to the doctor today.

I want it to just be okay.

Today I’m cosseting myself.

I’ll be my own cosset.

I will pamper myself.



Be as kind and gentle and loving as I can be.

Towards me.

Loving myself no matter what.


And evidencing that care by the way I treat me.

The way I talk to me.

And hold me with care.

And I’ll extend that care to those around me.

That includes you too.

Loving you.

Thanks for reading me.

See you tomorrow? 

Letting Go so I can Get a Grip!

Sounds unreasonable and irrational, eh?

And yet I experience the effects of this every day.

Only when I let go can I hold on.

When I let go of my trying to control, then I’m shown the way to “get a grip”; to “life-size” myself in relation to the situation.


What a relief!

How about you?

Do you do that too?

Thanks for reading me!

See you tomorrow? 


Temptation in all its many forms and varieties….how tempting they are!

The senses are assailed by them.

And yet…  I can pause.

I can breathe.

I can see beyond the moment.

I can imagine the outcomes from my actions.

I can choose.

Simple, huh? 

Why does it seem sometimes like it is really really really hard to figure out what to do or say!!!!!????

Some call it ‘ego’, or ‘impulse’ or ‘lack of will’.

I like to listen for the Inner Voice (IV).

Taking just a moment of quiet attention helps me to be quiet enough to hear it under the loud voice which yells or “reasons” with me to “just go for it”!

Yes, being quiet helps.

Do you have an Inner Voice?

Does it help you to be quiet and listen?

Do you find comfort and solace in Its calm direction?

Thanks for reading me.

See you tomorrow?

Some People Like Me. Some People Don’t.

The more I like myself the less I care that some people don’t like me.

Odd, huh?

I dunno.

Maybe they don’t like themselves.

I like myself.

And more liking every day.

The nicer I am to myself, the easier it is to be nice to other people.

I just know that I feel happier when I like me.

I feel more satisfied with life when I like me.

Easier to like other people when I like me.

How about you?

Thanks for reading me. See you tomorrow?

Happy Day to Play

I’m going to a festival today.

I’ll be with family and friends.

Parades and Kids Play Zones.

My Mair is going to let me play and have fun and have a Big Yes Day.


I’m going to be my Best Self today!

And I’m gonna do my best to listen to others today too.

Not just be demanding my own way.

I know that doesn’t really help me enjoy myself completely.

So I’ll let it be known what I want.

And I’ll pay attention to what others are wanting too.

I want to have a Big Best Day for Everyone!

You too!

Thanks for reading me.

See you tomorrow?

Loving Me

Loving Me. Loving Life. Loving You Too!

Sometimes in my zest for savoring life I forget to say how much I am grateful that you are a part of the life I’m living.

Slowing down to tell you that right now!

I love that you are part of my life.

I love showing up to be with you.

To support you.

To let you know that I care about you.

I trust you care about me too.

You’re reading this, aren’t you?! 🙂

Thanks for reading me.

See you tomorrow?

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