Part of the Whole

Sometimes when I wake up I feel like the hole in the doughnut. I have forgotten that I am part of the whole. When I feel like that, despondent and dreary, it's hard to muster up any interest¬† in change. I don't want to change my outlook, put on a happy face, tell myself affirmations... Continue Reading →


Dancing in the Rhythm of Life

I love dancing in the rhythm of Life! Listening to the beat of my heartsong, and dancing along. Much more with the beat when I'm listening carefully. Fully engaging in being present in this very moment. Joy rises. Heart expands. Breathing deepens. I am aligned with Life. Yes! Today can be a very satisfying day.... Continue Reading →

Progress Not Perfection. If I was perfect I'd be done, and then what would I do with my time? I like the challenge of "more" ...when I use the concept to further my experience of joy and love and beauty and harmony and learning. That's it. ¬† I lean into that kind of "more". I... Continue Reading →

Indulgent Beauty

Beauty surrounds me. Sometimes I don't see it. Sometimes I forget to notice. I realize I am too tired to notice, or care. I need rest and sleep. Sleeping is my idea of beauty right now. I sleep. I wake up and now I can see the beauty within me. The beauty that lets me... Continue Reading →

Looking for the good and beautiful

I'm looking for the good and the beautiful around me today. I'm focusing on experiencing beauty, goodness, love, joy, happiness, gratitude today. I know what I put my attention on increases. So I choose to focus on what I would like increase of in my life. I'll turn my attention today away from what distresses,... Continue Reading →

I Live to Love

I live in love. I live to love. I live to be loved. I live loving. I love to live. Simple message today: LOVE! Love is my song. Love is my story. No matter what is happening outside of me, I can choose the impulse of love to guide and guard me. While I am... Continue Reading →

I AM Just Being Me

I AM Just Being Me. I'm not too little. I'm not too much. I'm not "not enough". I am just being me. Some people don't like me. Some people do like me. I sometimes like the me I'm being. Sometimes I don't like the me I'm being. No matter what I do or say, I'm... Continue Reading →

I Like Listening

I like listening. And I like talking. I notice that when I agree to listen to someone, I'm congruent when I am not talking. When I am talking it is harder to listen to the other person. Concept seems clear and simple. I find it harder to do than I like. ¬† Sometimes I ask... Continue Reading →

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